Axis Bank’s Powerful Campaign Champions Inclusivity And Spotlights The Power Of Language To Bind Us Together

Axis Bank has always supported important causes and took a stand with their noteworthy initiatives. Campaigns like ‘Reverse the Khata’, ‘Pause The Bargain’, ‘Shop Wali Shopping’ and ‘Maa Maaf Nahi Karegi’ have all made a difference towards positive change, in line with the brand’s philosophy of being Dil Se Open.

This year for Republic Day, Axis Bank took yet another incredible stand, championing the cause of inclusivity. The brand shed a spotlight on an incredibly important language that’s not recognized enough: The Indian Sign Language (ISL)

Abound with colour, culture, and numerous languages, India is undeniably a diverse land. We speak many different languages across different parts of the country. However, according to the 8th Schedule of the Constitution, there are only 22 recognised languages in the country. 

In reality though, there is one language that cuts across differences with the potential to bind us closer together as citizens of the country i.e., The Indian Sign Language (ISL). 

Axis Bank’s campaign for Republic Day this year was rooted in inclusivity, and the power of ISL to help achieve inclusivity goals.

#23in23: a heart-warming campaign 

Aptly titled #23in23, the campaign urged us to officially recognize ISL as the 23rd language of India in 2023. 

The concept itself is powerful. It highlights the integral role sign language plays in our daily communication with others. The objective is to foster inclusivity and motivate people to acknowledge this common language by giving it due importance in the Indian Constitution. 

And the brand led from the front to showcase this.

In a powerful move, Axis Bank re-launched their Dil Se Open brand films from 2022 with ISL translations incorporated. A truly creative and authentic way for the brand to showcase how amends towards inclusivity can be made in a positive, impactful, and heart-warming way.

The brand re-released the Dil Se Open films, and each one not only conveyed the brand proposition but did so in an inclusive manner by leveraging ISL:

By embracing inclusivity in the very fabric of the campaign, Axis Bank successfully created awareness for their chosen cause: portray the power and criticality of sign language to get the brand message out to one and all. 

A great move which will hopefully prove to be a trend-setter for the future, and inspire many others to follow suit. Kudos!

Brand: Axis Bank
Agency: Grey Group

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