KITKAT Is Celebrating The Season Of Love With A Unique And Fun Love Break Lingo

It’s an unarguable fact that the youth today has their own way of communicating and expressing themselves. From quirky acronyms to wacky inside jokes, the youth have kind of created their own unofficial vocabulary. And in this vocabulary – the shorter, the better.

IYKYK, amirite?

KITKAT picked up on this insight, and engaged with the audience in a really unique way this Valentine’s Day. The brand straight up added a whole new set of expressions to the youth dictionary: #lovebreaklingo aka the language of love! 

KITKAT created new and fun ‘love lingo’ expressions that people can use to express their feelings across various relationships – from best friends to first crushes, to even just with your buddies. 

FCF – for your first crush forever
WCB – for who you declare the world’s coolest buddy
BBE – for your best bae ever!

… and so many others. You get the drift. It was short, it was fun, it was apt for the youth to use! How did they bring it to life?

Presenting: Love Break Packs

KITKAT designed unique and limited-edition Love Break packs, which were all customised with this new love break lingo. Users can choose their pick of packs to celebrate and ‘take a break’ with their person – whether it is a friend or a partner. 

The Love Break Lingo on these packs sure matched the vibe of the youth, enabling millions to express their love, and enabling KITKAT to keep it fresh and relevant.

Plus a sweet on-ground celebration to amp up the fun 

KITKAT further brought its campaign to life with a unique OOH activation. 

The brand installed an interactive kiosk across 3 prominent malls, and engaged with consumers with the help of pictures, customized filters, and a new experience. 

So simple. So wholesome. 

A clutter-breaking Valentine’s campaign 

KITKAT served a unique and engaging campaign this Valentine’s Day. It spoke to the youth in a manner they resonate with, and it enabled so many people to express themselves in an authentic way.

It was unique, it was personal, and it was truly special! 

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